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  1. What is Elégance La Poudre?

    Elégance La Poudre is a face powder series that has steadily gained dedicated fans since debuting in 1990. The luxurious silky texture and high-class elegant clarity achieved by La Poudre face powders also impart staying power to maintain a beautiful and sublime complexion.

    The four secrets behind the enduring appeal of Elégance La Poudre face powders

    1. Absolute clarity
    The perfect mix of five selected colors brings the never-seen-before clarity to any skin tone.
    2. Instantly covering pores, achieving smooth skin
    Translucent veil naturally makes pores less visible and easily achieves polished skin surface.
    3. Light, smooth feel as comfortable as finest silk
    4. Lasts all day
    Strong against water/oil. The clarity and smoothness of complexion lasts all day.


    Four color variations for achieving your ideal complexion

    Ⅰ and Ⅵ
    For purity and elegance

    Stylish, noble, handsome and lucid

    Light, soft and sweet
    Ⅳ and Ⅴ
    For brilliance and vigor

    Airy and delicately luminous

    Energetic, healthy and brilliant