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  1. What is ALBION
    Skin Conditioner?

    Nicknamed “SkiCon” in Japan, Skin Conditioner is a long-selling lotion that has been much loved by users with all types of skin since 1974. It restores problem skin to a healthy and beautiful condition.

    The secret of “Kita no Hato”

    The key ingredient of Skin Conditioner is Job’s tears, a plant usually found in tropical regions. After 20 years of research, ALBION arrived at a variety of Job’s tears known as “Kita no Hato.” Kita no Hato is a hardy, vitality-rich grain developed by cultivating the plant in the frigid climate of Hokkaido, Japan. Kita no Hato is the only variety of Japanese-grown Job’s tears approved in Japan for use as the herbal medicine Yokuinin*.
    The Kita no Hato used in Skin Conditioner is organic, having been successfully produced in fields meeting the Japanese Agricultural Standard for Organic Plants. Grown as close to nature as possible, Kita no Hato is a natural blessing packed with vitality.
    In order to deliver outstanding efficacy on the skin, ALBION developed a unique process called “blasting” to efficiently extract the most concentrated ingredients from Kita no Hato.

    *Yokuinin is a nutritious substance employed in food products, beverages and topical medicines. Its expected benefits include nutritional fortification as well as relief against arthritis- and gout-related pain.

    Metabolic rhythm and Skin condition

    Metabolic rhythm is too fast
    • Redness
    • Pimples
    • Makeup doesn’t stay on well
    • Rough skin
    • Sensitive
    • Corneocytes are immature, and the barrier function of the stratum corneum drops
    Metabolic rhythm is too slow
    • Dried?Fine wrinkles
    • Sagging
    • Makeup doesn’t stay on well
    • Dullness
    • Dark spots?freckles
    • Insufficient water retention
    • Stagnant melanin decomposition
    Healthy Metabolicsm
    • Healthy
    • Strong
    • Enough ability to maintain moisture
    • Properly repair UV damages
    • Proper skin cells turnover

    Special Movie

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    Skin Conditioner is an essential lotion designed to promote healthy skin

    Six skincare benefits produced by regulating skin cell turnover
    Brighter skin:
    Cleanses skin and makes it fresh and bright
    Dewy skin:
    Pleasantly hydrates for a refreshing, comfortable feel
    Smoother skin:
    Normalizes metabolic rhythm
    Pimple prevention:
    Removes excess sebum and leaves skin comfortably free of greasiness
    Tighter skin:
    Smoothes fine lines and restores firmness to skin
    Improves skin problems:
    Prevents flushes with a cool sensation